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Estate Planning

What will happen to your property when you pass away? Who will care for your children if they are still young? You can make those decisions in advance and record them in a will or trust. If you don't have an estate plan the state has one for you: Every state, including Indiana, has a plan to distribute your estate when you die. This is called "intestate succession" and was created by the legislature without any personal knowledge of you, your property, your family or your circumstances.You probably do not want the one-size-fits-all state plan.  By planning ahead and making a will or trust, you can make the decisions that are right for YOU, including:
  • nominating a guardian for your minor children
  • choosing a personal representative to oversee your estate
  • naming the person who will manage the trust assets for your children
  • directing the portion of your estate that you want to benefit non-family members, churches, and charities
  • providing the instructions for the distribution of your assets for particular situations, such as money for grandchildren for college, funds for a disabled relative, etc.
  • providing for a smooth transition of your affairs in case you are incapacitated

Advanced Directives

"Advanced directive" is simply a term that refers to your instructions about your future asset management and medical care and treatment. An advance directive may name a person of your choice to make financial and/or health care choices for you when you cannot make the choices for yourself. Such directives are typically one or more documents that list your instructions. These include:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Living will
  • Life-Prolonging Procedures Declaration
  • Health Care Representative Designation
  • HIPAA Authorization Documents
  • providing for a smooth transition of your affairs in case you are incapacitated

Medicaid and VA Benefits

Planning is essential when seeking public benefits, especially for long-term care.


Whether for an aging parent or other family member in need of a court-appointed agent to act on their behalf.


Step-parent and private placement adoptions of children and adults.

Small Business

Starting a small business can be overwhelming and needs to be discussed and planned with skilled advisors who can offer insight that is not available from downloaded internet forms.

Real Estate Issues

Transferring real estate to loved ones or business associates may not always require a realtor, but must be done carefully and correctly to help prevent future difficulties.

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